Strange High Pitched Noise!(not speakers, not mic feedback, not fans)

Ok, so.
I have a Asus P5E3 Deluxe motherboard.
I installed all the drivers for my Win 7 64-bit OS.
Everything works, except this strange high pitched noise from my speakers.
If I turn the volume down to about 0. I can still hear the sound in both my speakers and headphones.

Anyone have a solution?

and no, it's not the speakers/headphones themselves.
It's not a physical sound from any hardware like fans/drives.
And no, it's ofc not the mic feedback. cause I can still hear the high pitched sound even when I turn the down the volume to 0, where winamp/skype is silent... the high pitched sound still persists.

Any help would be greatly appriciated! :)
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  1. check for any power issues, disconnect speaker from pc, & still u hear the sound then the speaker power unit has some problem
  2. try diconecting the mic entirely (not just turning down the volume)

    if it's not feedback from the mic, and it's not a problem with the speakers themselves, it's most likely a fault in the soundcard / motherboard audio

    the fix would be installing a new soundcard
  3. Could also be a capacitor. Put a straw in your ear and work your way around the mother board. I know it sounds funny but until you find the problem...........
  4. If you have an on-board soundcard, it may just be a badly designed motherboard and some USB device is interfering with it. I noticed this when I used headphones in my front ports while having a pair of externals hooked to the front-USB
  5. I just started having the same problem after installing Windows Server 2008 R2.

    The Motherboard is a Asus P5E WS Professional.

    Tried 2 sets of speakers, and they both do the same thing.

    Had to download drivers for the Realtek soundcard from CNET, because nothing from AUSU would install on Server 2008.

    Powering down the machine completely then booting up the problem was gone.
  6. I had my integrated sound start to flake out and make the same sound. If I would reboot it would disappear. Eventually nothing I did would help. I couldn't see a bulged cap or anything, so I just disabled the on-board sound and switched to a sound card. Computer has been running fine since..
  7. See if your wireless is messing with the signal.
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