6870 Overclocking And Lifespan!

Here Are My Settings
900MHz Core
1050MHz Memory
These Are Stock, Im Trying To Get It To The Nice 1GHz Mark, Will 1GHz-1.1GHz Ruin The Lifespan And Can The Stock Cooler
Handle It, Im On A Sapphire Versing With 1 Fan And I Get 75c On Full Load But I Can Just Increase The Fan Speed But Im Worried That The Bearing Will Brake, How Do You Get Water Cooling And How Can I Get These Speeds?
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  1. My 6870 is running at 970Mhz on the core and 1100Mhz on the memory, no voltage increase through CCC. Perfectly stable, your GPU should have something left in the tank so lifespan won't really decrease. At load temp is 59 Celsius.
  2. get a graphics card with a good cooler, im going to get the MSI twin frozr 6870 then OC like a boss >:)
  3. As long as your not upping the voltage you will not shorten the life span. Ideally under load you should be under 80 celsius. So once you hit a little under 80ish probally stop. Start by increasing by 25Mhz and testing if stable and repeat until satisfied. Also use sapphire Trixx. Its Awesome and a easy to use! you can also control the fan in it. I have the sapphire 6850 and it can OC like a boss. Good luck!
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