Help! new build won't turn on.

i'm in need of help!

i've just put together a new system and it won't turn on.
i've checked over the connectors etc... to see if it's connected properly.

i though it might be a PSU problem b/c i had trouble booting up my old setup before. But i've checked the PSU (OCZ 700W GameXtreme) the way the ocz troubleshooting forums said to and it appears to be fine.

the motherboard lights up when it's all connected when the power switch for the psu is switched on.
i've checked the q-connectors for the case pwr switches and it all appears to be connected fine. (i've even checked by reversing the reset and pwr switches) but the computer won't turn on.

could it be b/c my psu has 2 4-pin atx12v connectors for the power as opposed to the 8pin-eatx-12v?
i've plugged both in. i've plugged 1 in. and checked each and computer still won't turn on.

i have:
ocz 700w psu gamextreme
asus maximus iii gene mobo
i5-720 cpu with stock heatsink
2 x 2gb corsair dominators ddr3 1600mhz at 8-8-8-24 latency
ocz vertex 30gb ssd
1 lg optical drive
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  1. Did you try turning it on using the onboard mobo switch? You sure you have both the 24pin and 8pin connectors securely in? DID YOU PLUG IT IN THE WALL? (jk)
  2. first thing is to troubleshoot one piece at the time.

    as for the 8pin and 24pin, you need them both plug in, all psu have these connectors.

    first and more commun memory.

    take out 1 stick of ram and try 1 at the time in all 4 slots.

    if that dont work.

    you gonna need somebody that lend you his/she computer so u can try video card and Psu, most likely is the video card, psu has to be very cheap to go bad, and we know the motherboard gets sometype of input, it lighs up, so i doubt is the psu or the mobo.

    if those parts metion early are ok, and work on another pc, then try reseating the cpu againg and make sure you plugging the 4pin hetsink fan ( stupidest mistake but i have done it ) make sure the fan snap into place or is screw in properly, if you applying your own thermal paste make sure is a thin cape not alot, and the asus should have the q connectors, easies way to plug in connectors i dont think you screw that up, but check them againg.
  3. the probem is that when i press power. nothing happens. nothing turns on, no fans, etc...

    24 pin in properly as well as 8pin
    cpu fan is plugged in
    qconnectors in properly. tried diff variations as well.

    checked with 1 ddr3 ram in slot A1
    will check the other mem slots.

    video card should be fine as i'm reusing it and it was running fine before from old system.

    i guess i'll try to reseat the cpu? i hope i didn't damage it....
  4. You tried turning it on using the mobo switch to eliminate the possibility of faulty case power button?
  5. mobo switch? u mean the start button right?
    i've pressed the start and reset button
    i've also tried pressing the reset cmos button
  6. checked each mem slot now. computer still doesn't turn on
  7. i followed the guide b4 posting here. i checked everything on that guide.
    i still have no clue as to what is wrong.
  8. the thing is the comp won't even turn on. so i can't even troubleshoot.

    maybe it's the psu not supplying enough power? or maybe it's faulty?

    on my old system that i just took out today, i used to have to press the power switch on case (comp won't turn on) and then turn off the psu switch for about 5 - 10 s and then flip the psu switch back on and then the comp will turn on immediately without me pressing the power switch on the case.
  9. ugh......i put my old system in and that won't boot either now.
    maybe it's the psu?
    the mobo lights up fine but comp won't turn on.

    i don't know what to do...
  10. it could be the PSU, please post the exact name of your psu and a link where we can see it, also try to get a new psu to see if it works, if it does then its your PSU.
  11. ocz 700w gamextreme

    i bought it a couple years ago. probably around mid 2005. so it's probably really outdated.
  12. its not a bad power suply but 4 years in the run almost 5 may cause it to stop functioning, so that could be why your pc isnt turning on, now to be sure you will need another psu to test that.

    one other thing make sure that when you putting ur mobo in the case its properly sitting on the stand off, as it could be shorting out, test the mobo outside the case to see if it works, as it has the turning on button it will be easy.
  13. ah i see. could be why i had boot up problems on my old system then. it also wouldn't turn on but i somehow got it to work by flipping the back pwr switch on the psu.

    i'm going to test my new build at work tomorrow as i don't have another psu at home.
    maybe i'll pick up a Corsair TX750W. It seems to be a pretty good psu and it's on sale for around $130 (Canadian $)
  14. problem was psu. picked up a corsair and everything worked.
    thanks for the help tho!
  15. not a problem mate.
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