Have acer aspire one plugged in and does nothing

acer aspire one model zg5
I plug in the power cord and get short lived lights on the battery indicator and power button and it does not do anything when I try to power up, checked power supply and its good I,ve tried to do the same with the battery out and same results any ideas.

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  1. ...So the battery works (providing it's charged), but the adapter does not?

    Have you tried using a different, COMPATIBLE adapter with the acer?

    If that doesn't work, contact acer and request service because you more than likely have a loose connection or even a faulty charging circuit.
  2. Yes have tried a new adapter with no change will take your advise and call acer
  3. I have the same problem with my Acer aspire one ZG5 after a failed BIOS update,called Acer support and they said WARRENTY does not cover BIOS UPDATES.My netbook will not power on anymore,it just blinks on a orange light for a fraction of a second when I insert the mains cable with battery removed.Its only 3 months old,and Acer say it will cost me atleast £70 plus vat.

    Does anyone know how to fix this problem.
  4. I know it's an old post but in case someone else googles it, i've come across several acer one's that have a defective lcd connection cable. It's short circuited and it causes the laptop to not start at all. Once the lcd is disconnected everything's back to normal.
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