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I just powered up the first time,new build.I7 920 processor,asus 6pt mb,1.5 sata hd,hp dvdr,nzxt tempest case.I cant find what my temp should be running,its at 40c / 105 f.If this good?
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  1. Is 40C your idle temp? Download prime95 and HWmonitor, use HWmonitor to monitor your temps, use prime95 to put your CPU underload. Let it run for about 30 minutes, or until your temps have steadied, then post your load temp, it should stay well below 70C at stock speed.
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    40 C is not a bad idle temperature. Keep your load temps under 70 C.
  3. What heat sink are you using? (Stock or Aftermarket) Did you apply thermal compound like AS5?

    Your temps are not bad but should be lower when using an aftermarket cooler or even stock coolers. Now if your room is 85 degrees F, your temps are running were they should be.

    My suggestion is double check your heat sink to make sure it is secured tightly or remove, clean off compound and reply heat sink again.
  4. This is at idle,I have not put a operating system on yet,fixing to do that now,It been at idle about 30 minutes and staying at 40-41 c/105f.I t is the stock compond that came with the unit.I will check under load.Thanks for all the info
  5. We are up and running this is great Thanks for all the help
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