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So, my computer restarted when I was gaming earlier, but when it came back it said that my OC settings were incorrect. I did something so stupid --- I clicked "Load Optimized values" and my pc loaded up fine, just that i couldn't actually see anything on my desktop. My RAID drive kinda went missing in the process.

Now the array is short 1 drive. Check the picture/attachment for the explanation.
I'm assuming it's probably a bios problem, since the "optimized values" are sometimes not what I installed.

Somethings I noted:
- It was in AHCI mode (not RAID) when I started my pc up for the first time after it crashed.
- The PC is taking much longer to start up (i don't know if that's a BIOS problem, or if it's possibly an issue with my drives).

...and all I wanted to do was play HoMM VI today... sigh.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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  1. "- It was in AHCI mode (not RAID) when I started my pc up for the first time after it crashed. "

    Suggests that the BIOS reset for some reason. Have you re-configured the BIOS as it was?
  2. Not completely... I'm not entirely sure how it was before. It was in RAID mode, I know that.
  3. Something else I noticed... The missing drive has a serial number...

    "Missing Disk's" Serial no. : D-WMAY01444266:0
    Where the actual disk's Serial No. is : WD-WMAY01444266

    The port is also unknown... but it's supposed to be 2 (that's the port of the drive).
    The drive that's sitting inside the array is port 3.
  4. Anyone looking for methods on how to fix this problem, check:

    Really helped me the past couple of days.

    P.S. Be sure to read all of it... There are some mistakes here and there, that could mess up your system.
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