How do i know what to do with my liquid cooled pc?

what do i need to know about this p.c. I've had it for little over a month now and it was running at around 33c- 34c at high performance while i was playing games for over 3 + hours at a time now its starting to run at 37c to 38c when i do the same do i need to add water or whatnot. they did not send me any kind of manual on the water cooler only the motherboard the link is the exact product i have.
Any information would be helpful, thanks.
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    Well first you DON'T put water in a liquid cooled pc(at least modern ones). I believe the liquid cooler you have is sealed you don't have to change the liquid or anything like that.

    Has the room your playing in, increased in tempature? Did you move it into a cabinet or into aplace where heat might be able to build up?

    3-4 degrees probably doesn't signal a big problem unless it keeps going up. If it is unplug the computer and contact tech support at ibuypower because your cooler could be defective.
  2. thanks for responding. i don't have it in a cabinet but i might have it in a place where heat my build up a little its between two desks so little space to breath but the top is open and a lot of room to breath just not the sides or back. I'm going to try and move it and see if that helps. so on the liquid cooller do i ever need to add any sort of liquid or any maintenance at all like after a long period of time? like a year or 2?
    thanks again for your help.
  3. i know i sound stupid but what degree Celsius should my computer be running at after or long hours or extreme gameplay?
    also my ssd card isnt showing up on the harddrive its only saying i have one harddrive and even before i put anything on my computer it said i only had about 1.3T which i should have a 1.5t and a ssd card 128g anyway i can figure out why it's not showing up? i opened up my comp and it looks like it's connected but im afriad to move stuff around or touch it to much because of static elec. and i don't know that much about computer besides the basics? any asnwer would be helpful thanks .
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