Random freezing. please help

i built my own compy more than a year ago and have had almost no problems with it. i leave it turned off 6 days and come back to it starting freezing. its not a ram problem, not a driver problem, not a heating/overclock problem. it might be my 400W power supply being less than sufficient. any ideas?
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  1. How did you come to the conclusion that it's not a RAM, driver, or overheating problem? Freezing problems are most often caused by RAM problems. We need to know your complete system specs.
  2. And if it lasted for a year i doubt it is the power supply, maybe it's the RAM and/or overheating problems. Can you post your cpu temps?
  3. Also, when does it tend to freeze? Is it consistently at one point, like at startup or in the middle of loading programs? Or is it basically random? That could go a long way toward diagnosing the problem.

    I'm also interested to know what you've done to test the RAM so far (because as other have said, it IS usually a leading cause of freezing), and whether you installed any new software recently. And what are your system specs? Right now, the only piece of evidence is that the machine was powered off for a long time, which doesn't really rule anything out by itself.
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