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when i leave my pc alone for a while then go back to it to browse is it suppose to make a noise like the hdd is starting up again i turned off sleep and restore on my pc because i have a sdd
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  1. A HDD sleeping is different than the computer sleeping. Typically with SSD's people suggest disabling hibernation mode since that creates a system file the same size as your physical RAM. Are you sure you disabled HDD sleeping?

    My guess is that your HDD is going in to sleep mode and waking up. Considering it shouldn't be possible to break a HDD by putting it through start/stop cycles (unless you are abusing it) it doesn't really matter and it is saving electricity.
  2. how do i not put my hdd in sleep mode
  3. Do you have a secondary HDD? If so that's what's spinning up and making that sound.

    If not. List ALL of your computer specifications.
  4. Do you have a DVD?

    I have only a ssd, and use sleep to the S3 state(to ram).
    When I wake, I do hear a sound, and I think it comes from the dvd drive.

    I suggest you use S3 sleep. It is much faster to sleep and restore. What you lose is the ability to recover the contents of ram if you should have a power failure.

    Also turn off hibernation which copies the contents of ram to the SSD. That saves time and SSD space.

    System restore provides a reliability and recovery function. I don't think I would disable that.
  5. What is s3 sleep and how do I do it
  6. phippsy said:
    What is s3 sleep and how do I do it

    S3 is a low power state. It might be a default in the bios. There are also some more and less aggressive states.
    It keeps the ram alive in a low power state and turns most things off or down.
    In the bios you might also see some options to allow certain events, like a keyboard to wake up.
    You might turn off wake on lan event to stop unexpected wakes.

    In ccontrol panel/power options/change advanced power settings/sleep
    turn off allow hybrid sleep. That writes contents to a hard drive before going to sleep.

    Also turn off hibernate after setting to never.
  7. phippsy said:
    how do i not put my hdd in sleep mode

    Windows power settings have the settings for putting the HDD to sleep after so many minutes of inactivity (or never). I think mine is set to something like 20 minutes. There really is no reason to disable it. Especially since you have a SSD as your OS drive.
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