Biostar ta790gx 128m 4x2 8gb memory will not work

i was on this sit about another prob be for and got this motherboard for a different project cant get more than a 3.2 ghz out of my memory. So here is my board TA790GX 128m biostar motherboard 2gb x4 kingston 8500 ddr2 2.2v hyperx. please help if you can,thankyou.
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    Sorry, I'm not sure what you're saying. Are you saying that you cannot overclock past 3.2 GHz with your current memory? I'm not sure with AMD processors, but if by increasing the base frequency you also increase the RAM speed, you might have to set a lower CPU speed : RAM multiplier. Apart from the Phenom II X6, the Phenom II X4 and Phenom X4 I'm supposing can't handle more than two sticks of RAM at more than 800 MHz - you might be overclocking your RAM.
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