How do i get higher?

I have a Q8300 with an Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro on a Asus P5G41CM-LX with Corsair 4GB DDR3 1333Mhz.

I am aware that the multiplier on the Q8300 is locked so the only way to OC is to change the FSB.
I have currently managed to change the FSB to a max of 390(x7.5=2.9Ghz), anything more, it will not boot.
Also the DRAM (not entirely sure what this actually means) frequency is set to "Auto" and it probably is playing around 1:1 to FSB.

Now i want to get up to 3.2Ghz, now that means i would have to change the FSB to 426(x7.5=3.2Ghz). As i said above if i change it to >390 it will not boot.
So is there anyway to get that high?
And is it only when you change the vcore you start to change your "idle" temp. Cause right now im on 33celsious whatever FSB i change it to up to 390.

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  1. -Bump-
    Come on please. Would really appreciate some help.
  2. Try tuning the RAM down to 1066 and the FSB should take it up to close to 1333Mhz again.
  3. The Q8300 is a poor overclocking, and the G41 is even worse, because, correct me if I'm wrong but if you up the fsb, arent you also overclocking the integrated gpu?

    Anyways, likely it won't boot because when you raise the fsb, your also raising your ram speed higher than it can handle, which fails to boot and resets. Some mobo's allow you to unlink the fsb from the dimms, otherwise you have to take the memory off auto and set the dimm ratio so the ram stays at or below 1333.
  4. You have reached the limit of your CPU, RAM, and - especially - your motherboard.

    ga, when you increase the FSB, you are not overclocking the GPU.

    The G41 is an economy chipset with a limited FSB. It is an OK board with a CPU with a 266 MHz FSB and pretty good with a CPU with a 200 MHz FSB.

    With a Q8200 (relatively high FSB and low internal mult.), it is not so good.
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