First PC build: $600-700 Gaming

This is my first ever PC build.


BUDGET RANGE: $600-700 after rebates

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming, surfing the web, HD movie watching


PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: I'm not familiar with the best sites, but I hear Newegg is good.

PARTS PREFERENCES: I want a quad core CPU. I've heard better things about Intel, but can be persuaded towards AMD. Whichever is better for my price point I suppose.

Also I prefer my monitor to be glossy if possible, and to be 22"-24".


SLI OR CROSSFIRE: Maybe? (want something upgradable)


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: It doesn't have to be quiet, but I don't want it to sound like a jet engine.

I have close to zero knowledge about specs and what works with what. I just know that I want a fast, decent gaming PC.

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  1. $600.93 AR
  2. Wait, don't you need an OS, monitor, and peripherals as well?
  3. Hmm if thats the case

    $686 AR

    Oops and this HDD
  4. Sorry for not mentioning it, but I have an OS and speakers. As far as peripherals I do need a keyboard, monitor, and mouse. I added a mouse, but the monitor and keyboard I'm buying locally.

    What do you think of this?

    About $600 after rebates.
  5. Sorry for the double post, but I just found a PSU and case combo that brought down the price (after rebates).

    Could someone possibly look over it and see if there are any problems? Is that video card good enough to play MW2 at max settings? If not, suggestions for price-comparable cards are welcome.

    $577 after rebates, before shipping

    Thanks again,
  6. The 4850 is quite a bit cheaper for just a little less performance. At 130-140 the 5750 might be a good card. The rest looks fine.
  7. I would definetly keep that case and PSU combo, looks very lucrative. The CPU is a solid performer and your RAM looks good too. Are you sure you dont want a bigger HDD though? I would go 250GB at least... trust me. And your graphics card is fine if you dont plan on getting creative or anything w/ it. Cause the 790GX chipset doesnt support SLI (correct me if I'm wrong). I have an AMD CPU, and AMD chipset, but an nvidia GPU. I wish I had gone with an ATI though cause then it just keeps alot of the major components in the same "family".
  8. Thanks for the input Sonic, I appreciate it.

    I assume you are talking about the HD 4850 (remember, I have close to zero knowledge :whistle: )

    I found some that were a little cheaper than the 9800 GTX+, but I'd rather go up a little than down a little.

    The HD 5750 has DX11 for just a little more and I'm starting to lean towards it.

    Newegg has MSI, Gigabyte, Sapphire, XFX, Asus, and HIS all for $145. That's only $10 more than the 9800 GTX+.

    If I were to get the 5750, which brand should I get? So many to choose from! :o

    EDIT: I just saw your post AMD. Yeah that PSU and case combo was an awesome find. I'm planning on upgrading the HDD later, and for now I just want to keep costs down.

    What do you mean by "getting creative" ? Do you mean overclocking or something? I'm planning on gaming if that helps.

    Also, what do you think of the HD 5750? Better than the 9800 GTX+?
  9. Get the XFX 5750.
  10. That's exactly what I was thinking. The double lifetime warranty sold me. So this is hopefully the final list:

    Hopefully everything is correct?

    About $600 after rebates and shipping.

    Thanks for everyones help!
  11. I'm still going to agree with the past rather subtle hints towards a bigger HDD. I've ran off of 100 GB and I never found that enough for gaming. At least spring for something in the 2xx area.
  12. Thank goodness u didn't go 9800gtx+ Its a rebrand and the GTS 250 is a far better choice as at least it is more efficient and pips it slightly in frames as well
  13. Damn Newegg is killing me. Those "rebates" I thought I was going to benefit from actually end today. So without those, it ends up costing $662 for a triple core CPU. Why do that when a quad core actually ends up costing less?


    I also took Gentleman's and AMDnoob's advice and went with a bigger HDD.

    New build that costs less:

    $625.38 without shipping.
  14. If this build is for gaming, I'd go with a dual core Phenom, as games do not take advantage of quad core tech, and probably won't for some time. It makes sense, therefore, to go with the better CPU as far as individual cores are concerned.

    It's the same price as the Athlon X4, but with dedicated L3 Cache and a faster clock speed (3.1Ghz stock vs. 2.6Ghz), which is what determines game performance. Plus, it's a BE so overclocking is, if not idiot proof, then at least more user friendly.
  15. Actually tricore is the sweet spot for games as per our very own forums recent extensive "How many cores do u need" review

  16. Hmm. But wouldn't a quad core be a little better for the future? I don't really want to upgrade the CPU for a while, but I can handle upgrading the video card in the future. Also, I don't game all the time; I really want an all around fast, multi-tasking, sometimes-gaming computer. I want to have itunes, firefox, torrent apps, and a few other things running and I could still open up MW2 and play at max settings without a struggle. Everything thing I've read seems to indicate that as far as multitasking and future-proofing, quad core is the way to go.

    Then again, I could reduce costs even more and switch to intel if I went with a dual.

    I'm still leaning towards more future-proof though.
  17. As as far as the "getting creative" remark, it was mostly surrounding X-fire/SLI. Cuase you wont be able to SLI the nvidia card w/ and AMD chipset. OC'ing should work though
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