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Is the tegra even capable of being close to the ION or ATOM in terms of graphics

I think the tegra might be better in terms of processing graphics rather than the Atom CPU but what about the onboard ION gpu?
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  1. Tegra is for handheld devices - I doubt we'll see it on the desktop.

    Intel's IGPs are always shite which is why NVIDIA developed ION for the Atom, but it's just a mobile 9300 anyway.
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    The Atom does cnot process graphics per say. Tegra is a graphics chip ARM processor designed for handheld devices as stated above. Ion chipset is decent in the performance range but it is only DX10 capable and the Tegra 2 is SUPPOSED to be better with DX11. Most major brands will probably be using the chip for tablets shortly. It (Tegra 1) is already used in smartphones and the Microcrap Zune HD.
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