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Hey Guys,

Any idea if these higher capacity drives will be more affordable by early next year? or it's gonna take longer than that? 256GB and up...


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  1. i expect we'll hit $1/GB early next year, others will predict otherwise.

    as with all technologies, SSD's are getting cheaper and will continue to get cheaper, but we can only speculate by how much and how soon.
  2. Ya, Thanks Branden..

    The reason I was asking is.... I've had an iMac for the last few years and I didn't look at any pricing and I didn't even realize the SSD's came down as much as they did already for 128gb drives....

    When I first seen them coming they were over $900.... And i think at the time 64GB was as high as they made.... this is awhile ago obviously.

    I see they have 512GB but the prices are outrageous....

    Anyway I plan on putting my build together in February and I'm just hoping the prices can lower down a bit.
  3. Prices are continuing to go down, but very slowly. I bought an SSD for one of the computers in our office a little over two years ago. Now I could buy a similar sized SSD for about 45% of the price two years ago. The better SSD's right now seem to be priced around $1.75/GB. In 3 months we could be down to under $1.50/GB. But then the big upturn in hard drive prices because of recent natural disasters will put pressure on SSD prices to keep them high. For people with budgets the best approach is still to buy an SSD between 60GB and 120GB, and add a mechanical hard drive to it for additional storage.
  4. yea I was looking at a 120ishGB and a 1TB... this Samsung F3 is so cheap, I'm thinking of doing two of them... or atleast 1 and then when they get cheaper upgrade to something newer.
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