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Im trying to configure a new pc but i can't get the memory up the default speed. Im using a Intel E5300 a asus p5g41c-m lx and 1 Kingston Dimm of 2GB DDR3 1333Mhz, but at the BIOS i can only set the DDR3 Speed to Auto or 800. Is it because the processor FSB works at 800MHz and limit my DDR3 speed? In that case is it better to swap for 2Dimms of 1GB DDR2@800. If thats the reason then why at a i7 930 with 3x DDR3@1600 normaly gets the default speed, if the processor FSB its also less than the DDR3 speed.

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  1. Look at page 2-10 in the manual.

    With that board with a 800FBS CPU only auto and 800 are allowed in the BIOS setup.

    FBS Mem speeds
    1333 Auto, 800, 1067, 1333
    1066 Auto, 800,1067
    800 Auto, 800

    It is a limitation in that chipset and BIOS.Most chipsets have a memory divider that you can choose. 1:1 3:4 4:5 and others.Not all Chipsets support all dividers. Some chipsets only work off SPD on the memory.

    If you are getting a motherboard look go download the manual and check the BIOS options for overclock options and memory settings.

  2. OK i got the answer! for everybody having trouble overclocking P5g41C (with any m or lx end) i got 8G dual channel G.Skills Ripjaws 1333 (set a this speed) with Q6600 ridin' at 3.0ghz. I was no able to get my 1333 fsb with 333 bus speed just fail to overclock F1 to resume with my ripjaw's DDR3 1333 but my Patriot DDR2 800 was handling 1000mhz with all the SAME overclock setting! WTF? so this is the answer: RAM TIMING!!!!! your ram is set with lower timing when you take this out from the box. it's write on the box OC with the Timing to OC to be able to OC lol. with a p5g41.... you need FIRST a good heatsink then in the jumperfree configuration / Manual / 333 bus speed / dram freq 1333 / pci 100 / all auto for the five others. FINALLY go to chipset / Northbridge / Configure the ram timing by SPD DISABLE and put the timing recommended of your ram: mine for the ripjaw's 8G 10666CL9D : CL:9 / RCD:9 / RP:9 / RAS:24 / WR:24 / RFC:74 / RRD:5 WTR:6 RTP:6 RC:34 save and reboot with a smile PEACE!
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