Would a new computer case help more with temperatures or a heat sink?

I am currently using this case, rather old, small and not many fans.

Would a heat sink around $20-$30 be effective or should I replace the whole case with something like this?

Canadacomputers has this case for 69.99 after saving and rebate. Would it make a huge difference for temperatures compared to my old case?
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  1. Are you using stock cooling? If so, an aftermarket heat sink for your CPU will most likely help a lot more than case with better airflow.
  2. It is difficult to answer without knowing what your current heat sink is. However, in general heat dissipation through the cooler would be the better upgrade if you're using stock cooling. Heat transfer from the cooler to the air is more important (very generally speaking) than air flow itself. However, both are important variables, so if your cooler is aftermarket you would then want to increase airflow through the case in some way as the next improvement.

    Again, very generally speaking.
  3. Yea i'm using stock cooler with the PHenom X3 720BE thats overclocked to 3.2Ghz and 4th core unlocked. The temps are like 40-45 idle and 60-65 load

    Is that dangerous?
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    I wouldn't consider that too high, but if you want to lower temps your most cost effective way of doing so would be to upgrade the cooler, assuming you have already done the free solution and cleaned all the built up dust from around the current cooler. To be honest unless you plan to go crazy with the overclocking I'm not sure I would spend any money at this point given your relatively low temperatures. Others can add to this if I'm in error.

    Hope you have a great day!
  5. Not dangerous per se but still pretty high.

    I'd strongly suggest an aftermarket cooler, however that case wasn't designed with overclocking in mind so it'd def. be a good idea to replace it with a more spacious one with better air flow as the second upgrade.

    From my own research I've seen the CoolerMaster 212 EVO being repeatedly mentioned as an excellent performer when on a budget but I am not sure if your current case will fit a tower-type cooler. To know you should measure from the end of the motherboard to the side-panel of the case. You'll need to have 17cm at the very least for a truly marginal clearance (again as my own tests showed me).

    Hope that helps!
  6. try to put new thermal paste on like the mx-4 or arctic silver ,clean the old one you will see a temp drop in it,running at 32 on stock and 52 on load at stock setting same cpu
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