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ok i tried a few diffrent 3rd party defragers that where suposed to be really great. i.e. smard defrag. defraggler and a few other to try to fully optimize my hdd because at first it just wouldn't defrag but finly got one to defrag it but now insted of the files being put togeather nicly i have alot of empty clusters between files. i have a 300gb hdd and only use 60gb or so but now even if i try to use the advanced defrag option or even the optimize optipn the files stay where they are. i don't want to keep trying to defrag as it's not good for the hdd so should i bit the big one aand reformat because myaybe something wrong or what? it runs a little faster then it did before but not like it should. i've never had this problem before. and i know the files that won't move arn't system files. they are program files i put on the laptop. help please.
i just can't seem to get my hard drive to optimize.
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  1. I wouldn't worry about it too much. Is it really causing that much trouble for you for them not being aligned on your HDD?

    As long as your computer isn't slow...or much slower than before I wouldn't worry.

    Have you tried uninstalling those programs, and re-running your defrag?
  2. Some files just can't be moved while the OS is running, like the page file. Some defraggers will have a boot time option that can defrag the page file and other system files.
  3. yes i know that why i have and i should have stated i have done boot time defrag and it's the same i have file scatted everywhere. well little blocks that shows before and after the defrag is done. and always says i'm 20% defragmented i should defrag. could something becauseing the defragers to do there course but yet not actruly defrage the files?
    could this also be the reason my system restore won't creat a restore piont?.
  4. If you have windows (XP) set to "let windows manage page file", this tends to cause fragmentation. I usually set my page file to a fixed size. Most defraggers will try to keep the page file towards the middle of the disk, so some files will be fragmented no matter what.

    I used to use Perfect Disk version 8 and it worked great.

  5. i have windows 7 prof i have tried alot of diffrent thing short of reformating. i just can't seem to get it to defrag what so ever.
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