Ati 2400 compared to the 4850

I now have a 2.1G dual core with 4 gig ram and ATI 2400 with 250meg memory driving a 24" HD Gateway monitor. Would upgrading to a ATI 4850 1 Gig card make a huge difference playing games like Empire Earth/Total War, Battlecraft, Civilization, Company of Heroes or would I be better off swapping out the processor?
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  1. Yes it will the 2400 is not considered a gaming card but the HD4850 is a upper mid range gaming card just make sure your power supply can handle the upgrade.
  2. Thanks! That was the way I was intending to go. I have a 64 bit processor running 32 bit Vista, but going to windows 7 or vista 64 bit won't make a big difference playing games.
  3. All vista or 7 does for you is enable using DX 10 and 11. Currently there are no games out that do not run on DX9.
  4. switch to 64 bit w7 or vista use all of your ram
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