Soundblaster x-fi detection issues

So for the umpteenth time with Soundblaster soundcards...When I try to install it, I get an error message saying..
Setup is unable to detect a supported product on your system. Please ensure the product is properly installed before running this Setup program.

This is nothing new from SB. I have it installed in the right slot (PCI) I bought the a Soundblaster x-fi xtremegamer. I updated from an old audigy 2 that had the same exact issues I can't even remember how I finally jerryrigged those drivers to work.

I have seen some people saying to switch ports..there are only two ports this thing can fit into, one has my wireless's just another PCI slot. It won't fit into the tiny PCIe slot, and it's sure not going into the pciex16 for vid cards.

What can I do to get my soundcard installed? I am running windows XP 32 bit, my system is fairly up to date, c2d, asus p5q mobo.

How do I get this thing installed? I've tried multiple drivers, uninstalling/pointing it in the right direction... windows recognizes it as ATI function driver for High definition Audio - ATI AA01 and it wont install it as anything else.
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  1. i know for my extreme gamer to get it to work i had to go into device manager and right click the sound card and go to update drivers and let windows search online for drivers that worked for me try it.
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