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Hi, my case has PN connector cables for PSW - and +, wich are power switch. But my MB has PWR and Ground. PSW has red in one and orange one in + and red in -, is there any way to know wich is PWR ground and wich is PWR?
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  1. Polarity doesn't matter for switches, either way you connect it will work.
  2. the connector with one goes to the actual switch and the one with two cables has one goign to the actual switch and the other to a mini board controlling lights, does that matter?
  3. What case do you have ?
    There are generally seperate wires for the switch and the led's.
    Polarity matters for the led's, but it's fairly simple, plug them in, if they don't work turn the connector around.
  4. But its not the led, i have a separate connector for that :P
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