Windows 8 Pro (64-bit) - cpu/performance issues?

Hello everyone,
A little over 2 months ago I installed a genuine copy of Windows 8 Professional 64-bit on my (2.5 year old) HP Elitebook 2740p - i7 dual-core cpu - 8gb RAM w/ integrated Intel HD Graphics. For some reason, nearly every time I've turned it on in the past 3 weeks I experience a severe spike in cpu usage almost at 100% while I'm not doing hardly anything to cause such. At that time everything pretty much goes from super fast to almost slug-like speed. Has anyone had any similar experiences? If so, what's most likely the issue? Thanks in advance!
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  1. windows 8 has an improved task manager

    using that should show you whats using all the cpu


    sometimes its an antivirus update thats went wrong

    seen that a few times especially with comodo
  2. I've seen this before when lappy is turning down voltages to prevent cpu overheating, what happens is, an app is running and the cpu is getting hot, so naturally the system turns down power. I'd say, plug it in, turn off bios power features. as well in windows and try for a bit. I;'m almost certain its something to do with that. Laptops crank down the power to the cpu for cooling.

    No I don't have that issue I have lots of power, power is so important.
  3. Neither of those responses seem to apply directly to my situation. Does anyone else have any suggestions?
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