How much Power do I need?

How much power do I need from a PSU for the following setup?

CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 965 (125W)
MOBO: 790GX Motherboard with Sideport RAM (haven't decided which one)
VIDEO: (integrated 790gx)
HDD: 2 WD Caviar Black 750GB HDDs

I'd like enough headroom to drop in a decent discrete graphics card down the road if the IGP is insufficient for my (non-gaming) needs.

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  1. The CPU and graphics card on the pci-e bus draw the most power. For your current setup I doubt you'll need more than a good quality 400W like the OCZ series or the antec earthwatts or a corsair.

    Personally I would put in a 600W to give me decent headroom. However, everyone's opinion of "decent" is different.
  2. Quote:
    everyone's opinion of "decent" is different

    ^ Too true...

    For grins, let's say I threw in a single Radeon HD 5850. Would your 600W recommendation cover that as well?
  3. you can run a ati 5870 over-clocked edition and yet have enough headroom to run in crossfire - according to the power specs of the card. SO go by enzo matrix.
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    get the 600W
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