Can't get correct RAM for memory upgrade (IBM NET Vista 8313-33U)

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I am attempting to upgrade the RAM in an IBM 8313-33U Net Vista Desktop. After two unsuccessful attempts to get the correct RAM, I am turning to the forum for some assistance. I have tried both PC3200 which I was assured would be sufficient at a vendors website during an online chat session. I next tried PC2100 which I saw on yet another vendors website.

My original logic was after being instructed that pc2700 would work, I opted for pc3200 because of the faster clock speeds. When it did not work I then ordered what I thought was the original RAM pc2100, and I see on a vendor's website that 2100 or 2700 will work. However, after placing the RAM into the DIMM slots and restarting the computer, I get a single beep, followed by two groups of three successive short beeps and then another single beep and no display. Needless to say unless the RAM is damaged, its the wrong one. I am leaning tow the later.

Can someone please help me find the correct RAM for this unit. Thanks for any input.

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    Using Crucial's memory finder got me these (according to Crucial) compatible possibilities
    I would personally go with one of those
  2. Thanks Friedman....the mother board had a bad cap just behind the processor (seems to be a common problem for this model). The computer failed to boot after successive RAM switches. Loading became painstakingly slower. This thread can be closed ....
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