Intel Pentium 3 Xeon Processor @ 3125mhz ?

Please read the title. This is what NovaBench 2 calls my e5200 I just bought kinda weird huh ? What would make the program think that ? Its far from a pentium 3. Just curious.
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  1. Download and run CPU-Z.
  2. Yeah your right. I found out that nova bench is a couple years old. Cpu-z gets it right. Just kinda weird. In other news im up to 3.5ghz on this chip, low volts. Very happy ! :) Thanks Bluescreendeath. Sounds like you must has used win98 back in the day to have a name like that !
  3. yea thats a new onr for me too never heard of it
  4. Hey its a free benchmark utility. Im hittin' 390 on it.

    My trial of performance test ran out ! :)
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