Corsair H80 fan problem

I just installed the H80 and the fans are LOUD! and i press the profile button and nothing changes corsair recomended an RMA but would changing the fans fix the problem?
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  1. The fans are shockingly loud on them, they are vile!

    RMA will do nothing, the are terrible.

    Go and grab yourself a couple of Enermax TB Silence fans 120mm to replace them, they are much quieter and push some good air, the Corsair fans belong in the trash can.

    Sorry about my brutal honestly.....
  2. So the fan controller not working is part of the fans? im using the stock intel cpu cooler for now and they are at 900-1300 rpm while i used the corsair cooler they stayed above 2000 rpm
  3. Contact our tech support again directly and see about doing a reset on your H80. If the fan controller itself is not working, then we need to replace your unit.
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