Thermaltake Chaser with 240 Rad and 200mm fans?

The Thermaltake Chaser I was wondering if this specific case has the ability to mount a 2x120 [H100 Setup] rad on the top WITH two 200mm fans on the top.

I know the NZXT Phantom came with a mounting bracket that would allow you to put a 240 rad under the 200s I am wondering if it's possible to do this with the Chaser.

If not does it at least have holes where I could just take some metal, bend it and drill it, then connect this bracket to those premade holes and attach my rad that way?

If you could find any sort of pictures or videos where this is explained in detail I would appreciate that.

Thanks a ton guys you rock!

Happy weekend!
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  1. here is a good way to mount a radiator externally.
  2. It's a H100 one of those corsair closed loop things. This is my friends setup and this is the case he's using. I'm just seeing what he can do.
  3. a bit late, but for anyone else out there

    a h100 or any thin 240 rad --> yes. You'd have to take out the Chaser's top 200mm fan to do so (and a bit of dremel action for completely unobstructed airflow). However a thick 240 rad will not fit up top (the stupid top shroud drops at about the 200mm mark) or at back of HD bays if you have a long GPU card , much to my dismay, I had to mount it externally out the back.

    my opinion would be to go for a NXT phantom which fits the H100 w/ push fans (25mm) AND the stock case's 200mm fan (if you switch it to be on top). I'm building another computer for work, and that's what I'm doing.

    plus ditch the H100's stock fans and get some Gentle Typhoons or Corsairs SP120 quiet edition.
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