Hard Drives Not Detected in BIOS

Hi, I recently purchased a new motherboard, msi 770t-c45, and everything was working fine until my computer bsod and now neither of my hard drives will show up in bios.

One hard drive is about 2 years old, but the other is only about 6 months.
I haven't been able to check if they work in another computer, but I will in the next few days. I just wanted to know if this could be the SATA controller or something else?

I am now using puppy linux to boot from a flash drive, and it'll detect one of my hard drives every once in awhile, but only as read only.
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  1. I would switch the cords on them, so that harddrive #1 is now on #2 socket and HD #2 is now on #1 socket, and then see if you can detect the same harddrive on the other socket as read only still. That might help to see if its the harddrive or if its the motherboard.
  2. I tried that, and it still won't detect it.
    I tried all of the sata ports with both hard drives and It was able to be detected, but it had some weird characters in the name.

    I think I might have overheated both of the hard drives because the case I have is a cheap one and the mobo is an atx vs. a matx that i used to have recently, and I had to move the hdd closer together.

    I also don't have a fan to blow onto the hdds.

    When it bsod, I was watching a video from one of my hard drives.
  3. Ok, just tested it with my friend's computer.
    My hard drives worked on his comp., but his didn't work on mine. Does this mean it's the sata controller? Or could it be something wrong with the bios?
    I have a flash card that I can update the bios with.
    Should I do that, or send the mobo in for a rma?
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