M3n78-vm motherboard making pc freeze

hey guys i have a problem that i have been meaning to ask you it goess like this i had a built in pc that i buyed from a pc shop had it for 2 years now but 1 night it just stoped to recognize my gtx 295 card .

So i called my frend that is an pc guy and he told me that my pci-e slot has died so i buy a new ASUS m3n78-vm motherboard
and thats when my real problems started to show affter i instaled the new mother board my pc freezes and lockes up at random time some times affter boot some times affter 15 and some times affter an hour or hour and a half i have a brand new power supply 850 w real power cooler master modular i checked the graphic card in my frends pc it works fine we tested it for like 3 hours it works fine also we checked the memory i run 2 sticks of 2g in dual chanel we tried whit 1 stick it still freezes up then we tried switching places still freezes a made a test and the test was ok for memmory so it not my memmory then i buy i new HDD and it still freezes only option i can presume is that the motherboard is eaven not compatible whit my system or it has a manufacture failure cause whit my prvious motherboard that still works only the pci-e slot doessnt this issues didnt happen my father stil uses it on his pc so it has to be the motherboard any sugestion is welcome

ASUS m3n78-vm
Gtx 295
Cooler master modular real power 850w
AMd phenom 2
4gb of ram in dual chanel
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  1. Download CPU-Z, need to know all the information it shoes under:

    Mainboard (bios version)
    Memory (clocks and command rate)
    SPD (what the ram IS, not the JEDEC's)

    This information will help. If not for me to help, then someone else.
    It actually does sound like ram timings, as thats pretty common.

    By you trying 1 stick of memory at a time and getting freezes each time does not mean it isn't the memory. Regardless of which stick you have in, if the timings are wrong then it is going to act up.
  2. thx for the info m8 but the thing is whit my old mother board this didn't happen it happened affter i instaled ASUS m3n78-vm cause i have been to the pc shop and they tested it allrdy so they say its not the memmory and i made some tests that a frend of mine gave me
  3. and my bios and all other drivers are latest and up to date for the mother board directly from the site asustek.com im runing out of options
  4. My question is is it posible that the motherboard can cause my pc to freeze and lock up ???
  5. Still need to show that information. Just because the memory worked on the other motherboard does not mean it's going to work on this one right away.

    While the ram was on your other one, it was configured correctly. Either the board configured it, itself, or someone else put the timings into it manually.

    Now that you have a new board.. The timings need to be reconfigured once again. Most of the time the motherboard is NOT going to configure the ram as it should be. Basically you need to tell the motherboard how fast or slow it needs to communicate with the ram.

    If you can provide the information I had set out on the previous reply, then I can look up the ram, basically, and see if your mainboard is playing it right.

    Also the info I requested will allow me to see the bios version. There may have been software glitches with the motherboard after the manufacturer released it, that they have since then fixed and updated for download
  6. kk will do as soon as i can m8 thx for the help will update post as soon as i can
  7. I am having the exact same problem as the original guy so I thought I would post my stuff too and see if you could help:

    BIOS: American Megatrends Inc. version 0514

    Memory (not sure what to put so I guess I will put everything):
    -DRAM Frequency: 333.3 MHz
    -FSB: DRAM: 3:5
    -CAS# Latency (CL): 5.0 clocks
    -RAS# to CAS# Delay (tRCD): 5 clocks
    -RAS# Precharge (tRP): 5 clocks
    -Cycle Time (tRAS): 15 clocks
    -Bank Cycle Time (tRC): 21 clocks
    -Command Rate (CR): 2T

    SPD (not sure what you meant by the RAM part, so I am assuming the top section):
    - Something / Module Size / Max Bandwidth / Manufac. / Correction / Week-Year
    -DDR2 / 2048MBytes / PC2-6400 (400 MHz) / Kingston / None / 14-11 <- 2 of those
    -DDR2 / 1024MBytes / PC2-5300 (333 MHz) / Kingston / None / 20-8 <- 2 of those
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