Hard Drive Failure?

Okay, I'm very new to this issue, and haven't seen it before so that's why I'm here. A simple search might work, but I'd love to know based on someone else's thoughts on my case.

I've been having troubles with my Home-built computer recently, which include every so often at boot the system has to run the Hard Drive program due to inconsistencies in memory before it boots into windows (forget what this is called, but it allows you to skip if you want..), and I've always done that when asked. But I've also encountered that iTunes sometimes freezes, a long with my entire computer sometimes freezes as well. iTunes won't let me sync my ipod due to some files being "corrupt" although they aren't. I've been fine to game usually. Recently which pushed me over the edge is I had a Startup Repair run, and it sat there for a long time, then once done deleted some files (most notably Battlefield 3).

It's come to the fact where this is extremely annoying, I'm running Memtest as we speak as a friend suggested it on the topic of ram., but I'm curious on your input on this.

If you need I'll help with any other details you need.

td;lr Failing hard drive?

Any help is appreciated.
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  1. 1) Make absolutely sure that you have a good backup of your drive.
    2) Go to the manufacturer's website and download disk diagnostic tools. Test the drive. If it's bad, get a new one.
    3) If it were me, the very first thing that I would do is pop in a spare drive, restore my backup to it, and see how the system runs. If it runs well, I know that the drive was to blame and hold a funeral for it.

    My favorite way to get rid of hard drives it to open them and extract the platter. If it's one of the newer drives with glass platters, you put it in a stong, clear bag and smash it. Disk fragments.
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