Core i5 650 8gb RAM vs Core i5 750 4gb RAM

So.. as the title says, I am currently using an Intel Core i5 650 processor with 4gb DDR3 Ram on a Gigabyte H55M-UD2H Motherboard.

I got a great Mobo/CPU combo deal at Fry's Electronics for my current setup @ $200 USD. To get the quad-core will cost me only $100 more. I could have 8gb of RAM for around the same price. What are your guys' thoughts?

I am using my computer for music production in Cubase 5.

And as a side question, does anybody know the compatability at the moment with 64-bit Windows and the majority of high-end (audio/film/photo) applications in the event I upgrade RAM over CPU?

I love these forums and all of the knowledgeable people on here and really look forward to hearing feedback regarding my issue.
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    i5-750+4GB > i5-650+8GB

    p.s. 4GB is more than sufficient and I rarely encounter a situation where more than 3GB is used!
  2. Wow!! I'm speechless. Thank you soo much! I think I've seen your postings before and noticed your i5-750. Awesome!

    Thanks Andy.
  3. Ah! Just picked up the 750 and it's awesome! Now I just have to set up my RAM to be Dual Channel, I didn't know it was anything different than just putting the RAM in.
  4. Check the motherboard's manual. It is definitely there!
  5. I did, and I figured it out. Thanks a lot for your help andy, it means a lot.
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  7. core i5-650 working without graphics card,corei5 -750 working with graphics card



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