New Mid Range Gaming PC

Hi this is a build im planning for a early teen cousin of mine.
hes into RTS games and maybe some shooters, eg total war, etc.
was going for a i5 system heres the specs;

Case: Antec 200 $75
Disc Drive: Pioneer Standard one for $60
CPU: i5 750 $255
H/S Fan: Arctic Cooling - AC-FRZER-7PRO-Rev2 $45
Mobo: eVGA - 132-LF-E655-KR $299
Ram:Corsair 4GB Kit (2x2GB), PC-10600 (1333MHz) $155
HDD: 1TB Samsung Spinpoint F3 $115
Monitor: Acer 19" 1440 x 900 for $175
PSU: Antec 650w TruePower $169
GFX: XFX Geforce GTX260 for $299

Total: ~$1800

and Win 7 64bit OS.
what do you think?, what should i change?
Im based in Aus and this is all off the Scorptec site.
Wont OC this build btw.
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  1. ^ Most of the components are overpriced...
    Check this...

    And some suggestions about the setup -
    1. CPU - It is a very good option and at stock speeds itself, will perform well...
    2. Mobo - If you wont overclock, then I see no need for such a costly mobo...
    The Gigabyte UD4P/ ASUS P55 PRO would be better...
    3. RAM - GSKillz Ripjaws are also good options and you can get them cheaper...
    4. HSF - I dont think you will need one if you wont overclock...
    5. Monitor - Maybe a little higher resolution one ?
    6. Graphics card - Tooo costly for a GTX 260...
    You can get a faster HD 4890 for far less...If you want to stick with the Nvidia camp, then atleast the GTX 275...
    7. PSU - You can drop to a 500/550W PSU if you wont be adding one more graphics card in SLI/ Crossfire later on...
  2. Thanks for that. Do you know if MSY is a good dealer?
  3. ^ I have heard from many on this forum, that they are good...
  4. I agree - the components look much more expensive than I was expecting.
    The graphics card is way above expectations. I am unsure how the US$ converts to the AUS$, but it still looks expensive.

    I would definately plough some cash into a nice monitor - try for 24" if you can. Samsung make good screens - but it is personal preference.

    Follow gkay's advice on a cooler and motherboard if you aren't planning on overclocking.
  5. Agree i would think a 22" would be a nice size to shoot for unless on a tight budget hehe
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