3930K too hot and crash in 3DMark 11 :(


I have 2 OC profiles that I'm using right now for my i7 3930K cooling by D14

1) @4.2GHz @"Manual" 1.25 vcore @70-72C on Prime95(3 hrs)
2) @4.5GHz @"Offset" +0.1 vcore(CPU-Z shown 1.46-1.47 on vcore) @87-90C on Prime95(3 hrs)

The thing is.. I have 2 concerns

1) Is there anyway to lower the temp with 4.5GHz profile? 90C is kinda worries me.
2) I can run 3DMark on 4.2GHz profile, score is P17272 but I cannot run it on 4.5GHz profile. It crashes every time on the "Physics Test"(CPU test). How do I solve this problem?

Thank you
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    Sounds like too much Vcore to me. You shouldn't need 1.46V for 4.5 ghz. Have you tried lower? Have you tested with Prime?
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