Better gaming Intel chip

I have two available Intel chips. Which are Intel Pentium4 651 at 3.4Ghz
And Intel Pentium D 805 at 2.6Ghz

For playing games which will delivery the best performances?
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  1. Both would be fairly useless, your better off upgrading your system to a AMD am3 build tbh. What are the other specs of your system?
  2. Pentium D is better for latest games. P4@3.4GHz will only lead in single thread applications.
  3. Welcome to the forums.

    Of the two, the Pentium D is much better.
    Still, it is several generations out of date and extremely slow by current standards.
    Even a budget Athlon II x2 could easily outperform it...
  4. the pentium D is your safest option, the pentium 4 has one core while the D has two...i have a Pentium D 915 and its quite a machine for my brotherc craving for games

    oh and welcome to the forums!
  5. If you're playing older games both are ok, but the Pentium D is what you want to be using (you won't even need house heating during winter either ;)). For newer games you're pushing your luck trying to get good performance out of either. What are you intending to play?
  6. Thanks for the advice it came pretty handy.
  7. The Pentium D. In fact the Pentium D is 65nm and a pretty good overclocker.
  8. The gaming benchmarks on this site show the Pentium 4 performing better than the D.
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