Radeon 4650 and ATI2DVAG error

I recently bought a new graphics card (radeon HD 4650) The problem I've been having is when I'm playing “some” games my screen goes blank says “no signal” I still hear the game sound sometimes the sound goes into a loop before I loose my picture. every once in a while I will get a “ATI2dvag” error. Now this only happens when playing certain games. It happens when playing “world of warcraft” only so often, when playing “dragon age” it happens every time completely random sometimes 5 min into the game maybe 10 minutes other times. Oddly it never happens when playing “modern warfare 2” so this tells me it's not the games. Also this never happens during normal pc use
Things I have tried are:
1)windows is up to date
2)graphics card drivers are up to date
3)all previous drivers from on board graphics have been removed also no conflicts in device manager
4)completely uninstalled graphics card and reinstalled it
5)reseated graphics card
6)tried different sticks of ram
system specs
AMD Athlon 64 3200+,2.0GB of ram
GPU: ATI Radeon 4650 PCIE
MB: MSI MS-7145
PSU: 450w
Windows XP SP3
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  1. even i had bought a hd4650 and faced the same problem....like while playing intense games the ati2dvag error would show.......this proble started for me on the first day when i bought the system........i scratched my head for about 2 months! and alas!!! i found a fix for it.......i am sure it would work for you too

    just do as below--
    1>remove your graphic card and uninstall the graphic card drivers completely
    2>restart the system and go to your motherboard website and dowload the latest version of BIOS for your motherboard model...and install it...now your system BIOS is updated and restart 2-3 times...
    3>now insert your graphic card and install the latest drivers for it.......

    i definitely hope it would work.if not inform me....
  2. ^+1
    Try as vimal992 said above... :)
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