Increasing flow rate to the max?

So i've been googling for a while now trying to find a decent answer and haven't quite an answer.

Can we say that increasing flow rate is a positive thing? yes?

This is thing i couldn't find. If you really wanted to improve flow rate, why not remove the jet plate? Something about having to have the pump under pressure?
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  1. if temps are the problem increased flow rate will not solve it, but if the system is restrictive by design there are pumps for that.
  2. Flowrate is only a part of the story,
    you also need to have good dissipation as well or it doesn't matter how fast it flows, it won't get cooled sufficiently
  3. So increasing flow do provide better temps?

    Back to the question. Would removing the jet plate improve temps, given a large enough radiator.
  4. Its like adding more fans, it does improve things up to a point but then it doesn't matter how much more you add, there is no benefit
    I would not remove the flowplate,
    it was put there for a reason and unless you know the reason, I would be uncomfortable removing anything
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