I7 or i5

This is an unclear area for me.

Do I go for an i7 920 on the 1366 socket or an i5 or i7 on the 1156 socket.

I don't mind opting for DDR3 RAM if I pick the 920.

Which offers best value for money?

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  1. It depends by what you are you doing in the computer, the i7 have hyperthreading and the i5 does not. The i7 800 series, and the i5 doesn't support triple channel, and the i7 900 does.
    The i5 is basically the i7 without hyperthreading and I think it is a good value for the money.

    If the computer is for gaming the i5 is really enough
  2. Simple Answer:
    i5 for most gaming rigs
    i7 for photo and video editing, or higher-end software applications (which hyperthreading will benefit). OR if you plan to Xfire or SLI two double-GPU cards (like 2x HD 5970 or 2x GTX 295). These massive video cards benefit from all 16x PCI lanes, most GPUs will run fine on 8x PCI lanes.

    Detailed Answer:
    See the sticky at the top of this page about how to ask for build advice. Let us know what you plan to use this computer for, how long you intend to keep it before your next upgrade, and how much you are will to spend.
  3. GuiltySpark said:
    I don't mind opting for DDR3 RAM if I pick the 920.

    No matter which you pick you will need to get DDR3 RAM. The RAM must operate at or under 1.65V. If you go 1366, pick up RAM in sets of 3. If you choose 1156 pick up RAM in sets of 2.
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