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I'm looking into using water cooling in my computer but I'm having a tough time figure out what size/what radiator to use.
I am using dual GTX 680's and an i5 2500k and I want to be able to put a nice overclock on both the CPU and GPU.

Any suggestions/ a formula to show what my delta would be with certain radiators?
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  1. even the best radiator with the most powerful fans you can buy, not to mention the fan controller necessary for their operation. couldn't do what you're asking alone, but if you're looking for a educated guess on the amount of radiators necessary under these conditions, than here is your answer. two Aqua computer Airplex Modularity System 360 Radiators, and 6 The Delta 120mm x 38mm High-Speed Fans with stand off's for them, like the Feser TFC Xtender - Radiator Shroud 120 mm, for increased air flow. the fans should be fixed in a pull position, and the radiators should be next to each other, or completely split apart, but not one in front of the other. I hope this helps
  2. It does help, and what exactly do I need a fan controller for? Obviously it controls the fans, but why do I need one? I thought fans were plug and play, at least ones that aren't cpu or gpu fans?
  3. And would it be better to have 2 separate loops, on for the gpus and one for the cpu?
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    a single loop always works better unless utilizing some sort of extreme cooling solution but the fan controller is to quite the fans down when in idol with the fans cranked up the noise will be high but the system will run cool. these are pwm controlled and a good fan controller will provide the power for the fans and the control over them. as a secondary option there are power splitters but they will limit the capability of the fans. I use low rpm fans but as a result I need more radiators but my power requirements are lower to so I can get away with cheaper fan controllers but they are still needed because my motherboard can't handle all of them or if I run them as plug and play to the power supply they will run at 100% all the time. that's too loud for me but if it won't bother you than no you do not need one.
  5. Alright, awesome. Thanks!
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  7. thanks man
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