Lenovo Q700 TV Tuner Card problem.

I recently brought Lenovo Ideapd Q700-3015-1CU (Vista 64-bit) which comes with TV Tuner card,

AverMedia Hybrid ATSC PCIe miniCard A317
Hybrid tuner, support analog (NTSC) and digital ( ATSC) signal.

I have COX cable TV service, and I like to use of the Ideapad PC TV tunercard
to watch Standard cable TV.

All my trials to setup in Windows mediacenter failed.

Need help. Thanks in advance.
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  1. I have Lenovo Q700 3051-1CU with Avermedia A317 Hybrid TV Tuner card, I have Windows Vista 64-bit , I have installed latest Avermedia TV Tuner card driver given on Lenovo drivers site for my model.

    I have been trying to get COX Standard cable from wall outlet to my new PC, Media center found no channels when I selected CABLE option and TV guide shows all the programs that we are able to watch on TV in living room with COX cable with set top box. I have tried all different options on Windows Media Center (result: no signal just dots and static) ,later found that with Antenna Analog (NTSC) option in WMC TV tuner found TWO stations (1. CSPN-2, 2. Unknown) with clear picture.

    Hybrid tuner, support analog (NTSC) and digital ( ATSC) signal , AverMedia Hybrid ATSC PCIe miniCard A317
    With Philips Vista MCE remote control (40/45 button), IR receiver integrated

    What am I doing wrong? How do I get all COX standard channels? Any pointers.

    Does anyone have other models or PC from other brands that have the same TV Tuner Card?

    thanks in advance.
  2. I think the problem is that your TV Tuner card does not support Clear-QAM which is what COX is broadcasting to your set top box in the living room. As for the TV Guide, I suspect it's just pulling an RSS feed (web page) from COX's channel line-up.

    Sorry, but I think you're out of luck.

    -Wolf sends
  3. hi,
    Thankyou for your reply.

    As I have described in my second post, I am able to receive two channels now, 1.C-SPAN2 and some other channnel when I have selected Antenna Analog (NTSC) option in Vista Media Center and the Tunter card is connected to COX cable wall outlet. I was about to try Avermedia beta drivers as given on GreenButton fourm post

    l/p: beta / betatest

    Here are few question I have ...I think answers to these will lead me to a solution/fix.

    How do I update my Vista 64-bit Mediacenter software ?
    Are there any other alternative to Vista mediacenter for using TV tuner cards ?
    What other brands ship with AverMedia A317 Hybrid TV Tuner card, ( I saw one of the fourms that some of DELL XPS models have it)? How did it work for them? Can I use the XPS drivers on my Lenovo to fix this?

    My monitor does not have speakers in-built, I am planning to use extrnal PC speakers that I already have. I have connected my IdeaPad to monitor using HDMI cable, and PC speakers to audio out, I am not getting sound, can't we use HDMI for just display and audio out for sound.

    BTW I have Vista media center ver 6.0, where can find the the latest version for vista 64-bit?

    Thanks again.
  4. Well, after doing a lot more research on the subject (now that I'm home from work), what you need is the Windows Media Center TV Pack 2008. Unfortunately, Microsoft (apparently) only released it to OEM manufacturers. In other words, if it did come with your system when you bought it, you can't get it.

    -Wolf sends
  5. Thankyou,

    I have Vista SP2 installed, still not working. I believe they have not included Windows Media Center TV Pack 2008 in SP2 also.

    I found a KB link about this..is this same as what you identified as the problem.

    The Windows Media Center TV Pack was released on July 16, 2008. Not all computers that are shipped by hardware vendors in the retail channel have the Windows Media Center TV Pack installed. To check whether your computer has the Windows Media Center TV Pack installed, follow these steps:
    Start Windows Media Center.
    In the Start window, scroll to Tasks, click Settings, and then click General.
    Click About Windows Media Center, and then click Software Version.
    If the version is 6.1.1000.18273, you are running the Windows Media Center TV Pack.

    If the version number is 6.0.6001.18000, you are not running the Windows Media Center TV Pack. You are running the version of Windows Media Center that is included in Windows Vista or in Windows Vista SP1.

    I will wait for MS to include it in their next Windows update.

    Thanks a lot.

    BTW are there any other systems that ship with this TV Tuner Card ?
  6. Hi,

    I found Windows Media Center TV Pack for Vista x64 online, and I have installed it on SP2. Mediacenter got updated now it has 6.1.xxxx previously it was 6.0.xxxx, and the menu options have changed and now it automatically detected my card has support for QAM and based on the zip code it figured I have cox cable, gave me options to scan for COX Analog cable or digital cable, I have tried Analog Cable, ( Standard Cable is Analog, right?) but found no channels.

    I am planning to try all (cable/satellite/Antena) options in Media Center today. Have any suggestions?

  7. Analog (NTSC) and Digital (ATSC) signals are both over-the-air, meaning no connection to a cable company at all. QAM (or ClearQAM) is the signal you should be searching for if you system is connected to your COX Cable line.

    -Wolf sends
  8. Hi,

    Thankyou for the reply. I don't even know if "AverMedia Hybrid ATSC PCIe miniCard A317" is capable of ClearQAM. I tried to find the features and reviews on this card on AverMedia Site , but no luck. I even chatted with their CUST SUPPORT, they told me to contact Lenovo for specs. Leovo says the specs are posted on web page for Q700 series specs.

    Q700 specs has...

    AverMedia Hybrid ATSC PCIe miniCard A317
    Hybrid tuner, support analog (NTSC) and digital ( ATSC) signal. With Philips remote.

    Where can I find more details on what the card is capable of.

    Can you say anything about the card based on the fact that I could receive CSPAN-2 channel and some other 'Paid show channel' from connecting the COX wall outlet to this "AverMedia Hybrid ATSC PCIe miniCard A317" on my computer?

    Thaks inadvance.
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