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When I'm looking at a motherboard, under the accepted memory I see that it accepts "1600MHz(Overclocking)". What does this mean? Does it mean you can start out with slower memory and overclock it to 1600mhz, or if I use 1600mhz RAM will it work?
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  1. 1600 and above are not standard to anything so any RAM at 1600 or above is overclocked
  2. The 1600MHz is the max your motherboard will support in an overclocked state. Generally, the speed on the RAM, in your case 1600MHz, is the max speed the modules can operate.

    To use the maximum speed of your RAM, you must overclock the modules. When you overclock your RAM, you'll probably have to play with the timings until you find a configuration your mobo likes.

    for more info on OC RAM check out this thread.

    Edit: fixed link
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