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HI all,
I am looking for a low profile low power (psu 220) that will work in slimline case. I need it to at least be able to play Startrek online and Starcraft 2. and or does anyone know where I can get a power supply that will fit in the HP slimline case. I have looked but not found anything that will fit. Thanks for your guys help.
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  1. The best one you can get is probably a 9400GT, I believe Gainward made a 9600GT Low-Profile, but a 220W PSU can't handle that.
  2. Get the 9600gt lp lp it will work on that power supply no problem I have two of them and one is on a 250 psu and the other on a 231 psu it will work fine just nothing above that. The 9600 GT lplp has now external power plug so you know it cannot go over 75 watts just dont overclock it...

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