PC restarts while playing 3d games

System configuration:

Intel Duo Core 2.5ghz, Motherboard DG41RQ, Ram DDR2 (1gb)x 2 chips, Graphics card Nvidia GeForce 9400GT (1Gb memory), Supply 450W (unbranded), Hard disk 500gb, On board Audio driver of Realteck, Operating System Vista 64bit.

Drivers & Software Information:

1. Nvidia Driver for Vista 64bits installed from the internet (from www.nvidia.com) site. Because 64bit Nvidia driver not available on original Nvidia CD (attached from the device).
2. Audio driver installed from the Motherboard original CD. (Having no idea either the audio driver is 32bit or 64 bit supported).
3. LAN build in onboard adapter also installed from Motherboard original CD.
4. Installed AVG-Anti Virus Free from the internet.
5. Installed Advance System Care from the net.
6. Virtual memory is defined as min2048mb----to max 4096mb.
Problem with only playing 3d games:

Whenever I play 3d games like Batman 2009, Blacksite Area 51, Need for Speed Undercover, ShellShock2, Unreal2 Awaking e.t.c, my PC restarts just after 15-20mins while in playing games. Some time my PC restarts with blank screen and some times with blue dump memory screen.

What I have done:

I reinstalled Windows, reinstalled Nvidia driver, reinstalled games and cleaned my registry through Advance system care. But the problem still exists and I can not play any 3d game. I unplug each my DDR2 one by one from both slots for checking Rams, but both Rams are working properly. I have changed my 3d graphics card, processor, motherboard, power supply and hard disk, but all my efforts are in vain.


1. What should I do to solve this problem?
2. Does my OS of 64bit support my hardware?
3. Is my Nvidia card compatible to my OS and other devices?
4. Is my audio driver compatible with my 64bit OS?
5. Is there a requirement in updating my motherboard?
6. Is this a hardware or a software problem?

Note: Please send me an easy and economic solution because I have already spent a lot of money and I am not a IT professional.
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  1. I think you're looking in the wrong places for your problem. I think it's safe to say that driver problems would appear LONG before the 15-20 minute mark... so I think you're good there. When problems appear after a period of gaming I automatically assume power or heat... one of those two things.

    When your PC is idling at the desktop or just poking around on the internet, it really isn't using a huge percentage of its capacity... in other words it's drawing less power and generating less heat. It sounds like your PC handles this just fine... but when you fire up a game, about 20 minutes in you experience problems. Well, when you're gaming your CPU and your GPU are getting a good workout and pulling down more power... and consequently generating more heat. Every PSU has a limit to how much power it can produce and every component has a limit as to how much heat it can tolerate.

    Here's a free way to (mostly) eliminate heat as the culprit... just open the side of your case and have a large fan blowing air across your components... this would help even more if you were in a cool room... so turn the heat down or maybe the A/C up... and if that solves your problem, well you've got a thermal issue. Also, most motherboards allow you to set an audible alert if your processor exceeds a certain temperature threshold.

    If you continue to have problems, you have to suspect your PSU in the culprit. I read that you've replaced your PSU already, but did you replace it with the unbranded unit? Maybe a friend would loan you a decent one for testing purposes. Did you add the 9400 GT in as an add-on or did it come with the system? Just curious.
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