What way round should it go?

i brought a hyper tx3 and i currently have no idea what way around it should go
my case is an atx tower (not micro atx) the power supply unit is at the top and there is a case fan at the back at around the same hight the cpu is

i only have one fan for the hyper tx3 at the moment

(the psu has a fan that i think its actualy blowing air into the case - i could get it to do otherwise but that would most likely mean opening the psu and i dont think thats a good idea - the case fan is blowing air out of the case)
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  1. well i'm guessing so it blows air through the heat sink towards the case fan :/ (altho... pulling air through heatsink towards case fan?)
  2. Having the PSU at the top blowing air in is a really bad thing, and there's no reason it should happen. That goes against the exhaust flow of the rest of your case, which should be bottom-front to top-back. The TX3 should be blowing out the back of the case.
  3. it wont go in the case upside down and i cant turn that fan off
    at least i think it is... i havent realy looked into what way the fan blows propperly apart from hand at the back to feel the air flow and tbh there isnt any

    it appears i got it wrong it is sucking air out but its not much (its right over the cpu fan so thats probably why it felt like it was sucking air in a bit)
  4. Stay in school.

    Use a piece of paper to determine the airflow.
  5. The big fan on the bottom of the Psu sucks air in and blows it out the back, as evidenced by Geek's paper method,
    put two fans on the TX3 and have them both blowing towards the rear of the case
    possibly look at buying an improved case sometime though
  6. The PSU's on top, moto.
  7. Yup, just like in my old rig, its still the same,
    the big fan under the grill is an intake and it blows out the back of the Psu, so if its on top of the Cpu heatsink, it sucks hot air from inside the case and vents it outside,
    If Op puts a sheet of A4 paper underneath it/on top of the Hs when running he will see it suck the paper up
  8. yes its sucking air out
    now i'm waiting for the tx3 to arrive :D (i was told it would arrive today but it didnt)
  9. Patience young padawan, come it will and build you shall,
    guide you we will :P
  10. and i should be able to shove the old 20% overclock (had it was stable as a house but then that monster some people call a graphics card (gtx275 - i had to mutilate the hard drive bay to fit it in O.O) messed with my airflows and 20% got a bit too hot under normal load) on it again (or if it stays cool enough i can bump it up to 4ghz - tested before it just got very hot) ^.^ (and i think i will get both sides off and tidy the dam wires as they are all over the place if i was to upload a picture of the inside of my case atm i would probably be kicked out of the home made computer club O.O)
  11. I like to hear of cable tidying :)
    you have a big Gfx card or a small case there?
    Biggest GTx 275 I can find is 10.5 inches, teeny unless you have a smaller midtower :P
  12. it was a cheap atx case :/ so yes... probably mid tower my card is the msi gtx275 twin frozr (and its mahusive compared to the gainward 8400gs i had before D:)
    i think i shall upload before cable tidying and after cable tidying for referance ^.^

    side note: according to the msi website updating the firmware (that right?) can do some awesome stuff
    how do you go about doing this O.O last time i tried updating any firmware was my motherboards downloaded the latest from the asus website went into the ezflash (i think) utility in the bios and it wouldnt take the file (yes i did extract it)
  13. i cant tidy the cables :(
    i thought my case had that cavity under the board for cables and stuff but it dosent :(

    got the tx3 installed it
    and my temperatures went right down O.O idle used to be about 47 or so now its 33 :D and under a realy heavy load temperatures never go over 60 ^.^ (before it would get up to a max of 72)
    because i dropped the vcore voltage from +150mv to +100 20% is no longer stable (it was at 15% before i got the fan but before i got the gtx275 temperatures were low enough for a 20% overclock back then it was stable) :( so i just put the base clock up to 310 (15% puts it to 307 or just under 3.7ghz) so its now at 3.72 ghz

    quick one i had the vcore of my cpu at +150mv for about a year now without realising that takes the voltage over what cpu world say is the safe voltage (1.3675) by about 0.0015 - 0.002 is that enough to crap my pants over o.O?
  14. That's hardly a difference. When people overvolt they'll routinely go up by .05. What's the CPU model, anyway?
  15. ^ intel penitum E6700 (3.2ghz dual core only mines at 3.72 ghz ^.^)
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