Will this ram work on the Asus P6T?

Sorry if this is a dumb question but I wanted to ask if the following ram will work on the Asus P6T SE motherboard:



I am building my own custom computer and I have so far got the following items i7 920 processor for $200, 1tb WD 7200rpm hard drive $53 and a p6t se asus motherboard $175. I was about to pay for those two memory I bought on ebay, but I am having second thoughts if they will work or not on my motherboard as the voltage is higher..

I have not paid for the memory yet, but I got the ocz 2gb for $34 and the mushkin 4gb for $63. My question is whether this ram will work on my motherboard and can I put two different brands of memory on my motherboard.

Any help is appreciated.
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  1. Go to the Asus website, look up the board, and they will have a compatible memory list that you can view, or download.
  2. I would not recommend using two different brands of memory. Your asking for issuses.
  3. Thanks for your reply, I just wanted to ask how is mushkin for memory/ram. Someone told me that they are made for amd systems but I am not sure if he is correct or not.
  4. I've never heard that, but then again it could be possible that they are more suited to AMD procs., although, I think they're website would state that. Good luck anyway. You know, Corsair memory is an extremely reliable brand. I've never had a hiccup with any of their products, and most people I know actually prefer them. You could always go with them if you're just not sure.
  5. You could also try both. If the OCZ doesn't work with the Mush., you'll only be out the $34 you dropped on the OCZ. I do recall mixing memory on some older platforms, but not on any of the newer types of memory such as the ddr3 and the like. It may work, but like I said, it's not an optimal scenario, especially when you're talking triple channel memory, and the fact that the core i-7 processors have a built in memory controller.
  6. You want triple channel ram for your i7.
    I wouldn't get it.
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