Restarts after login screen

ok here it is in a nutshell. computer works fine before i send out the ram sticks to gskill and now i get the new ram sticks and i install them. get to the windows xp screen log in. see my background then computer goes black and restarts . what could the problem be. cant be the ram i dont believe and i forgot how to fix this. i've experience this before but a long time ago

any clues
cpu e8400
saphire ati 5770
ram 2x1gb ddr2 800 running at 4-4-4-12 2.0volts
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  1. It can't be the RAM? That's the only thing that's changed.

    Try running with only one stick of RAM, and try different slots on the motherboard. See if you can run a memory test utility off a CD.
  2. It might be the Power supply.
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