Upgrading from Crossfire 4850- $400-700 budget?

After reading "Best Cards for your Money" I noticed that the GTX 295 was listed as an honorable mention. But when I checked the benchmarks, this was 5-10 fps less in all things compared to an equal or lesser price gpu / crossfire gpu setup.

IMPORTANT: I need 2 GPU's. I use 2 when I am alone, but I use 1 in two different computers when I have a friend over. So I cannot buy a single card that has 2 gpus (so no GTX 295 or 5890 unless I can get TWO under $700)

Or at the very least: 1 very good GPU and 1 good GPU (I HAVE to get rid of my two 4850's, but I still need 2 graphics cards, one being as good as the CF 4850's minimum. I need to buy them now, so waiting for nvidia's 300 series is not a good idea since I'll probably be wasting my money since I HAVE to buy 2 gpu's now.)

Currently my Crossfire 4850's just barely meet my requirements for most games at 60fps. Sometimes I dip into 40-50, which I don't want at all. I want to make sure I future-proof myself when I upgrade, so even if 4850's are adequate, I specifically WANT overkill. I also enjoy being able to turn on x16 AA and still get 60+ fps if I can. Overkill is fine.

I run at i7 920 that can overclock to 4ghz, so CPU wont bottleneck my setup as it is practically the best right now.

I just don't know what to do. I hate ATI after a few of their fiascos, and would REALLY like to go Nvidia. But honestly... Nvidia is more expensive for less power! Even as an nvidia fan... I really don't think I can justify an extra $100 for less performance.

So I need TWO graphics cards that are both better than the 4850's within $400-700 pricerange for BOTH cards. $800 would be stretching it... but I might be able to do that, but would prefer no more than $700 and expect to spend no less than $400.

Any suggestions? I really just don't know, and the benhhmarks are confusing since they are the opposite of some reviews I have read. 5850, 5870, 4890, 4870, GTX 285, GTX 295.... ahhhhhhh!!!!!!
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  1. Would GTX 295 in SLI be better than Crossfire 5850's or 5870's?

    I only ask bc I see a lot of GTX 295's on ebay for $330ish, and think I could prob snag two for $700 but dont know if its worth it.
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    2x5850 if you can find them. Should run 600-700.


    2x Gigabyte275 1792mb SOC, you can buy them right now.

    285s would be 50-100 more per card depending on brand, and this 275 will outperform them, comparing out of the box performance. of course, you could OC the 285s for even more bang, but that might complicate things beyond your wishes with swapping between rigs.

    I would wait for 5850s, but those 275s will be a HUGE improvement over your 4850s, and no fuss as they are available.
  3. Considering how hot x2 cards run, I wouldn't purchase a used one, you don't know what they have been through, e-sellers can lie and tell you they were never OC'd, in a perfectly ventilated case, with an 18c computer room, and you could never know if it was the truth.
  4. Do you know of any benchmarks of 2x Gigabyte275 1792mb SOC vs 2x 5850's?

    I really want to go with Nvidia, so if it's only a 2-4 fps difference I might go with Nvidia.

    Otherwise, I might try for 5850's.

    The problem is mainly that I need to have two new cards by the 21st (when I have to get rid of my 4850's to my bro for his bday) and I am a big enough nerd to not be able to live 1 day without my comp :P lol

    Will 5850's be in stock in the next few weeks?

    I really wish the prices would all drop or at the very least get 5800's in stock.
  5. I haven't seen any benches, but there are some glowing reviews out there for those 275 SOCs.

    No one knows if the 58xx will be in stock in the next couple weeks. You could do like others, and keep the individual cards' pages open, and refresh whenever you remember to, and buy the second they come available. The individual pages update before the search page results, is why I mention it.
  6. Ive been researching for hours and what a pain in the neck (

    I am having trouble finding benchmarks for all the super oveclocked gtx 275's.

    And then in my mind I think "Well...what about just overclocking gtx 285 or 5850?"

    I really want to stick with nvidia, so if I could find a gtx 275 that matches speeds with 5850 it would be really nice. Unfortunately benchmarks for the 5850 are slim, ujgh.
  7. I guess I will just see if I can snag two 5850's.

    Honestly, it cost the same for two GTX 275 super overclocked, and the 5850's are better and I can overclock them.
  8. An i7 with 2 4850 in crossfire? You know that someone with a Phenom II X2 550 got the same results as you with 2 radeon 4850?

    Well, my argument stop here and I recommend you 2 5850... if you can find some...
  9. If you really want at least the same power as 2 4850, you need at least a GTX285... and they cost a lot. Better to wait for a 5850 which is way stronger for a couple of $s more.
  10. redgarl said:
    An i7 with 2 4850 in crossfire? You know that someone with a Phenom II X2 550 got the same results as you with 2 radeon 4850?

    Well, my argument stop here and I recommend you 2 5850... if you can find some...

    What argument?
    I certainly didn't disagree with you.

    I already have the i7, upgraded from my C2D but kept the graphics cards.

    Anyways, the problem is that EVERYTHING is sold out!

    I found the gtx 275 that is as good as a gtx 285 for only $250 at zipzoomfly, but they're sold out.
    5850's are sold out except for the ones that cost $380 and im not paying a dime over $320.

    I really dislike ATI, and would really prefer Nvidia... but they're sold out too! Even the msi Lightning gtx 275 is sold out!

    It seems like I can't buy any high-end gpu's bc ALL of them are sold out or WAY overpriced!
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