How to format lg External HDD HXD2 250GB to fat16

I have an LG external HDD 0f 250GB that I want to use for my HDTV. With format fat32, it records for just a few seconds and goes off, but I tried a fat16 and it records as long as 2GB. I need you to educate me on how to convert or formart my 250GB fat32 to fat16. Please help me
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  1. The problem is, with a FAT16 filesystem the maximum size of the partition is 2 GB. So you would be able to use only 2 GB (or, if your DVR is clever and can use multiple partitions, 8 GB of the space on your drive.

    That said, you can use Disk Manager (Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management, Disk Manager tab) to delete all partitions on the drive, create a 2 GB partition, and format it as FAT16. All data on the drive will be wiped.

    It does not sound like a good idea to me. Does the HDTV officially support this way of saving shows? If so, does the manual say anything about the format of the external drive?
  2. Yeah, that doesn't make sense? Even FAT32 has a 4gig file limit. One hour of HD video is ~5Gb.
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