Poor framerates in games due to burnt out mobo?

If the motherboard was damaged by poor voltages from a faulty PSU, could that cause poor framerates in games? I'm trying to diagnose my problems before I start pouring money into new parts and I need some help.

I had a crappy PSU that was overheating my Graphics card, the Asus Cucore HD5770. I got a new PSU and that fixed the overheating problem but now my games, namely crysis, is moving at an unplayable framerate whereas before it was getting 30-40 fps.

I want to know in this thread whether it is possible that a bad motherboard could cause this. Any help is appreciated.
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  1. In short, heat is your enemy and can cause severe damage to anything on the motherboard.

    However, before spending a cent, I'd do some tests.

    1. MemTest86+ (www.memtest.org) - download and burn the .iso
    2. CPUZ & Hardware Monitor (www.cpuid.com) - download and run them
    3. FurMark - (http://www.ozone3d.net/benchmarks/fur/) download and run

    To answer you question, yes, a bad mobo could cause your problem, but unlikely. The more likely components are RAM, GPU, CPU, or even hard drive.
  2. As T_T said, it's really unlikely that a fried motherboard would do this. You'd be having a lot more problems of a lot worse severity if that was the actual case. I doubt it's the Hard Drive - it really wouldn't affect in-game performance I don't think. It really sounds like this is still a heat problem, as I can't think of a single other thing that would slow down in-game performance other than your Graphics card being damaged, but again, you'd be having a lot more problems than slow gaming if that's the case. Can you download CPUID Hardware Monitor and put a screenshot up for us while it's under load?
  3. Well, I was able to confirm that it was the graphics card, thank god. I had a spare one on hand that was cheaper, GTS 250, and when I put it in Crysis ran like it should.

    Thanks you guys for the help.
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