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I've been looking at upgrading from my Dual Core beast to a New COREi7 MONSTER. Well I found like 2 motherboards I like and the ASUS Rampage III Extreme has Dual 4+4 CPU Pin slots. And EVGA's EVGA E760 CLASSIFIED "Overclocker's Pick" also has the Dual 4+4 CPU Pin Slots. So where in the world do you find a Power supply with Dual 4+4 Rails just for CPU's or do you have to use two Power Supplys? My build would be a Case that can take the EATX motherboard plus 6GB DDR3 1600, two 256GB SSD's in raid, two 1TB hard drive space or four of WD VRaptors , one to three 480's or maybe even 5970's, Also water cooling. If you could message me or reply when an idea on what my first question is then a help full hint on the other stuff that would be great. Thank you.
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  1. I'm not sure because mine hasn't arrived yet but I believe from looking at the pictures on newegg that it comes with a molex adapter to connect the second 4 + 4 cable but again don't quote me on that lol. I'll update this when mine arrives to let you know for sure.
  2. I'm buying that same mobo, and the CoolerMaster PSUs seem to be the only ones so far that have 2x4+4pin connectors.
  3. I'm running a Cooler Master 850W Silent Pro seen here:

    And it runs super quiet, has 2 4+4 connectors, modular design, flat black cables that are plenty long, and super stable voltages under any load or overclock. The 850W might not be enough for more than 2 5970's though.
  4. A good high end PSU is the way to go, there are countless reviews and opinions on what to get but IMO I like the Corsair 1200 because it has recieved very solid reviews and is fully modular.

    You will not need the second 8pin connection unless you are into very very extreme OC usage like LN2.

    This would be more than enough and very future proof

    and here is what I currently use:

    My system currently is using the Rampage III Extreme with GTX480 in SLi and a 930 OC to 4.2Ghz on air. System is totally stable!
  5. The Corsair and many 1000W+ PSU have (2) EPS/ATX12V 8-4 pin connectors; example the Corsair AX1200 & Corsair HX1000W.

    I prefer to build with EVGA, built a 3-WAY GTX 470 with the C300 and that rig cost was $6,000+. So what you're describing will be over $7,000 with 100% water cooling.

    In addition to the EVGA or ASUS, and the ONLY MOBO from Gigabyte that I like is the GA-X58A-UD9. EVGA is my preference but lack the SATA3 so you'll need to add a SATA3 RAID Card.

    Seems you need to narrow down your Budget and Specs.
  6. +1 to saingjah's statement.

    You should only need 1 connector for the i& Quad cores. If you were going to be overclocking, or getting an i7 Six-core, then you'll probably want the second connector.
  7. The second 8pin ATX is for added support in overclocking stability. It is not required for everyday usage or mild overclocks. The Ramage is designed for extreme overclocking (think L2N), as saintjah stated :)

    As for the better board, I would go with the EVGA Classified3 - EVGA Link:
  8. ^@tecmo34 +100!
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