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I completed my homebuilt last week and for the most part it is running great except for one issue. Every day when I turn it on it crashes somewhere during the windows boot process anywhere from the start to after logon, until less than a minute after the boot is completed. The freeze usually shows as a blue screen with thick lines, sometimes other colors. Additionally when it does make it to the desktop the AV (avast) and LAN do not work; additionally the start menu has limited functionality. These issues usually occur on reboot as well without a freeze. They do eventually go away, but I'm not sure how long it takes as I usually get impatient and play a game (which works fine).

I have:
Win 7 HE 64
i7 860
XFX 5850
Antec CP-850

The only things installed so far are Flash, Avast, Firefox, Catalyst 9.11, some MSI drivers that came with the Mobo and the new BIOS version. Also I have a Samsung 2232BW monitor which I now know doesn't have the best 64 bit support, but I wouldn't think that would cause issues.

Any ideas on hardware issue vs driver issue? I used the MS memory testing software on the install CD and nothing came up. I've also used Prime95 without any issues. Thanks for your help.
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  1. What's the ram make & model?

    It sounds like a software issue. Your OS may be corrupt. Boot to safe mode. Tap F8 at bootup. Do a full chkdsk on all drives. Repair & reboot if need be.

    Load bios default. Run memtest for 5+ passes.
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    Just a shot in the dark, but you didn't mention anything about your hard drive. It didn't come from another system before this one, did it? Because this sounds vaguely like what can happen if you do not have the correct motherboard drivers installed. So if you brought the hard drive over without reinstalling the OS, the drivers for the old motherboard will still be there and cause all kinds of problems like this.

    Since you're running Windows 7, however, I'm guessing you did a new install on this machine, which makes the above pretty unlikely.

    But a related issue to check: Does the CD that came with the motherboard contain Windows 7 drivers, or only Vista/XP drivers? If the board came with an old disc, I wonder if those drivers might not be up to date. I would go to the manufacturer's Web site and see if they have Windows 7 drivers -- and if so, whether they're different from what came with the CD. If they are, try updating your drivers with those and see if that solves it.
  3. Looks like the drivers that came on the Mobo CD were no good for Win7 with the onboard networking. I just happened to boot when the cable modem was down and it didn't lock up giving me the clue on which drivers were bad. Thanks for the help.
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