Gigabyte or MSI or Asus 890GX which is best?

Ok, i bought the wrong motherboard from newegg. I bought it the day it came out and said it had 2 PCI-E slots. Well there was not information on the speed of the lanes. I didnt know they made 16x/4x any more cause that is useless.

Any way this is my system.

AMD 1055T 6 core 2.8GHZ
2x2 GB ripjaws DDR3 1333
Diamond 4850 (Reason for board is to crossfire another 4850 for now and crossfire any future graphics cards)
Antec 850 (got this for $80 at fry's im so happy)

I want this board to last me for 2-3 years. Since Bulldozer should be compatible with this board cpu wise i should be fine.

I have a MSI 870A-G54 which idk what to do with after i replace it, idk who would buy it or what it is worth.

So these are my options:

Biostar: $147
Pros: 4 PCI-E lanes
Cons: Questionable brand, Never used this brand, Expensive

Gigabyte: $125
Pros: Cheapest option
Cons: i dont think it comes with any useful software.

Asus: $148
Pros: Probably the best brand, Can buy it at work (Compusa at base cost w/e that is)
Cons: Most expensive, Never used this brand

MSI: $120 after $10 MIR
Pros: Love the looks, Favorite brand, love the software Cheap
Cons: None

Id love to overclock but id had such bad luck with it so software is a plus but not a necessity. It will take alot to sway me into the Asus due to its price but i want to know what people with experience say. I love to try new things, but i am looking at the Gigabyte/MSI route.
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  1. Biostar is a trustworthy brand and the board you listed uses the 890 FX chipset whereas the other boards use the 890 GX chipset.. Just for the chipset i'd recommend the biostar motherboard.. However, not considering the chipsets and any of the board features, I'll rate it as gigabyte>asus..
  2. I think it's personal choice of brand.

    $25 is not a huge difference in price... and asus is $139 on newegg right now.

    890GX is fine with 8x - 8x pcie for x-fire.
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